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3. Problems

You may want virtualization to solve two problems. One is that you want to run several operating systems in parallel, e.g., Microsoft Windows and Linux. Another reason is that you want to isolate processes. As common operating systems are large and complex, one can use a hypervisor to separate operating systems, and thus applications, for securing them.

A number of new issues arises however.

  • Isolation and usefulness: One issue is how good the isolation is. Another issue is that you may want some communication between the virtual machines, which will reduce isolation.
  • Management costs: Virtual systems can reduce management costs because malware attacks get constrained, and because users who use several operating systems need not use several physical machines. On the other hand, users (administrators and end-users) will have to learn how to deal with the new approach of having something outside their usual working space. Costs of hardware, e.g. memory, is one of the sub-issues to emerge.

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