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Our Proposal

A hypervisor would be great for the reasons stated in the introduction on the homepage:

  • Keeping your privacy and your private and business secrets.
  • Running potentially risky applications outside your usual operating system, applications and data. For instance, risky emails, risky websites, or unknown code.
  • Easy handling of operating systems, e.g. in case of updates or malfunctioning.

  • This requires secure isolation in both hard- and software. And the whole design should be open source in order to have no backdoors. That sounds like only asking for the minimum what one should have in computing, doesn’t it?

    To be honest, plenty of things remain open, for instance:

  • Would users be willing to use it? Of course, we find our user interface great (see OpenTC Newsletter No. 5) but is it the best one?
  • Should one arrive at the goal by incrementally improving existing hardware and hypervisors or rather by using a clean slate approach?
  • Should Trusted Computing be used or would the necessary global public key architecture to support it be too expensive?