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Motivation for the website: risks & benefits

Our motivation for running this website is: We think using hypervisors on PCs or in cloud computing, is an interesting option with many pros and cons.

As to PCs, our concern when creating this website, we see on the one hand that private or business users may find it beneficial to use separate operating systems at once. Some of these operating systems or compartments could be quite small, so called "appliances" only used for providing network access or for conducting home banking transactions. Virtualization of operating systems could also have security benefits. If the isolation between the compartments is good, malware should not be able to spread between them, so one could secure sensitive data by isolating them. On the other hand, most PC users are not used to handling several operating systems in parallel. To put our motivation in different words: Will the future benefits of PC virtualization outweigh their costs?

Open Dialogue

On this website, we aim at having a dialogue which is open for laypersons. I.e. we do not only want to discuss technical issues of hypervisors, but also issues of general concern. We imagine that laypersons, i.e. average PC users, express their views of benefits and costs of PC virtualization, as well as business users who are responsible for using virtualization in their companies, small or large.


This website is supported with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology “Excellence” funds, in the framework of the CCompS (Compartmentalised Computer Security) project.